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My name is Carolanne and I am a millennial who has a deep love of all things nerdy. I live in Chicago with my partner, Klaus, and our one-year-old double doodle, Chewbacca Fozzie Bear (but we just call him Chewie). I love going to fan conventions and decorating my house with the fun things I find there! Let's-a-go!

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What is NESTalgia?



Hello and welcome to NESTalgia Home! I love Nerd Culture. I love fanart. I love going to comic conventions. I wanted to share with the world why this industry can make your home a love letter to the nostalgia that we crave. You see posts on the internet all of the time asking: “Remember this show? Remember this toy? Remember when we played outside?” 


The answer is always YES. Real talk: I have Complex PTSD from generational and childhood trauma. I’ve always loved to collect things from my childhood because it felt like a way to reconnect with myself during a time period where I wasn’t always present in my body. My best friend growing up had this amazing collection of Simpsons toys and Happy Meal toys all around her room displayed on floor to ceiling bookcases. I always loved being in her space because even though I was struggling to fit in in middle school, or home life was depressing, I could go to her room and feel comforted. 


I have always strived to make my apartments cozy and fun- even if I didn’t have a lot of money to do it. I want to share some of my collection (look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?) and show you how to make your space reflect you. After all, you’re the person who lives there– shouldn’t your space make you happy? Shouldn’t you feel joy, that same feeling we get from our nostalgia? I’m tired of minimalism and beige and gray and LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE; aren’t you? 


I’m going to be linking the products I showcase so you can find that crazy Star Wars lightsaber pepper grinder, or the inexpensive frames to hang that cool fanart. I want to be a hub to connect you to these artists and businesses and help you love where you live. 


Here’s to filling your Nest with Nostalgia!

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